Arver Norrköping

Welcome to Arver Norrköping!

We are proud dealers of Scania trucks and have a newly built full service workshop that offers a complete program for service and repair of Scania trucks, construction vehicles and buses. Welcome!

Opening hours
  • Workshop Mon–Thu: 07:00–22:00 Fri: 07:00–16:00 Sat (booked cars only): 07:00–12:15
  • Shop Mon–Thu: 07:00–22:00 Fri: 07:00–16:00
Phone number
  • Workshop
    011-19 01 03
  • Shop
    011-19 01 06
  • Daytime
    011-19 01 00
  • Evenings (workshop)
    011-19 01 55
  • Breakdown Service
    011-13 92 00
Visiting address
Ströbogatan 32, 616 90 Åby
Mail Address
Ströbogatan 32, 616 90 Åby
We The People working in Norrköping
Site Manager & contract seller
Torbjörn Ericson
011-19 01 12
Site Manager & contract seller
Sales manager
Truck Seller
Responsible Rental & Used Vehicles
Spare Parts Manager
Spare Parts Staff
Spare Parts Staff
Spare Parts Staff
Sales manager
Quality & Environmental Manager
Business Manager bus
Finance, Credit Manager
Economy, Delivery Manager
Switchboard & Administration
Salaries & Staff Management
Quality & Environmental Manager
Business Manager bus
This is what we believe in
Our business

Offer the best service to anyone with commercial vehicles.

Our mission

Become the obvious service partner for everyone with commercial vehicles.

Our motto

We and our customers should always be able to say yes to new assignments.

Our Core Values

Understanding that all of us employees have different roles and needs and are all part of a context. Understanding of the company's business and vision. Understanding of our customers and their different needs.


We always strive to deliver the right quality in everything we do, both in terms of the work we do for our customers and the work we do to help each other. We value quality in all our relationships.


Through our personal commitment, we create the conditions for long-term relationships and strong collaboration both with our customers and with our own employees.

Quality & Environment

At Arver we believe that the environment is important and we work to protect it both inside and out. For example, we constantly look for ways to save energy, regularly review the chemicals we use and consistently sample the water from our laundry facilities. We also believe in selling vehicles with good fuel performance, and regularly servicing engines and checking tire pressure to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.

We are also accredited by Swedac to work with:
  • Own repairs (switch 2 from inspection company)

  • Tripod (both analog and digital)

  • Speed controller

  • Pressurization with gas (cooling)

Arver History
Carl Johan Alvenius founded the company under the name Eskilstuna Järnhandel.
Car sales start with Overland as the first brand.
The company changes its name to Alvenius.
Dealer agreement is signed with Scania-Vabis.
Dealer agreements are signed with Swedish Volkswagen and the company sells the first VW Beetle in Sweden.
Alvenius lanserar, som första företag, försäljning av bensin via kontokortsautomat – den s k Evighetstian.
Alvenius is the first company to sell gasoline using credit cards at the pump.
The western part of Alvenius becomes Göran Arver Bil.
The company changes its name to Arver Lastbilar when the business is expanded and includes, in addition to Västmanland, Södermanland and Örebro County.
The passenger division is sold to enable a greater focus on trucks.
Inauguration of a newly built facility at the E18/E20 crossing in Örebro.
The company focuses on bus specialization in Katrineholm.
Acquisition of Scania operations in Norrköping and Nyköping.
Opening of newly built facility in Västerås.
A new facility in Norrköping is in use.