Daria took the short way to Arver


Daria Galtsova is 30 years old and has been working as HR coordinator and administrator at Arver for a few months. Love initially brought her to Sweden from Russia just over a year ago and in August last year she joined Arver in Västerås thanks to an internship through the Employment Service.

Daria explains:

– The organization Academicum has a program called Korta Vägen for foreign academics. A Russian friend told me about it, so I contacted the Employment Service. They matched my education to different companies which is how I found Arver.

Jens Eriksson, CEO of Arver, says:

– We are glad that we were able to hire Daria. We had recently decided to work in a more structured way with skill development and when we saw that Daria had experience in this area, we saw our chance.

In Russia, Daria trained to manage staff programs. She has a degree equivalent to a master’s degree in Sweden, with a focus on English. This led to previous work with Komatsu, a Japanese company that manufactures construction machinery (the second largest manufacturer in the world) when they needed translators. She worked at the Technical Education Department, including translating technical texts into educational materials, implementing a distance education and personnel management system and coordinating education processes.

It is clear that Daria is ambitious and driven. When she came to Sweden and was waiting for her social security number (required to apply to the Employment Service), she learned Swedish from online courses. It took a couple of months before she got her social security number and when she had read the first basic course in Swedish at Eductus, she saw that she had sufficient knowledge to jump straight to the last course.

– Moving to a new country where you do not know the language and you have to learn so many new things is tough but stimulating. It was a lot to learn in a short time, but it was very good for me. And the Employment Service is well structured and is free. At Arver I was integrated into HR at once and got a clear task: to create a staff employee survey. I went around to all of the facilities and met everyone. It was great to go out and meet people personally and get to know everyone at Arver.

The employee survey was a success for the company, and Jens and the management team made the decision to offer Daria employment to further develop HR functions.

Daria thinks that more companies will see the benefits of diversity at the workplace because different experiences mean viewing problems from new perspectives and finding creative solutions. Jens agrees with Daria:

– I’ve seen the effects of getting a well-assembled group of dynamic people together, and how it affects the rate of development. That is what we strive to achieve at Arver.

On the question of what the best thing about working at Arver is, Daria answers:

– It’s the working environment; everyone is very nice and helpful. And Arver has a modern leadership. I think it’s the leadership of the future. They really work hard for the staff. Management believes it is the most important resource you have. I think it’s an important job and I love that I’m a part of it.

She concludes by saying:

– I was very fortunate that I ended up at Arver.

Academic program Korta Vägen:

Korta Vägen is a six-month education that is aimed at newly arrived academics. It contains language teaching in vocational Swedish, study guidance and career support, teaching about Swedish society and working life, supplementation in special subjects and internship at workplaces that offer matched tasks.

Academicum holds this education, on behalf of the Employment Service, in Uppsala, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Nyköping and Solna.

Read more: http://academicum.se/kortavagen/


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