In Norrköping we have full-service workshop authorized for dealing with inspection remarks, tacographs and refrigeration units, both for comfort and heavy cooling. We’ve also got extensive experience with damage repair, hydraulics repairs as well as servicing and repairing of various types of ADR-vehicles and buses.

Opening hours:
Monday–Thursday: 07:00–22:00 Friday: 07:00–16:00
For booked cars Saturday: 07:00–12:15
Contact us for help
011-19 01 03
Service Leaders
Service Leader

Let us service your trailer for a lower cost of ownership

You don’t have to service your trailer at one place and your truck at another. We take care of your entire carriage. This reduces downtime and maximizes vehicle availability.

If you sign a service agreement with us for your trailer, you will get a favorable price on repairs and maintenance, as well as a discount on the spare parts required to carry out the work. We also ensure that your entire carriage is maintained and serviced continuously, so that you don’t have any downtime that can result in major costs for your business.