Scania Top Team – great success for Arver


Some of Scania’s best mechanics, spare parts specialists and customer representatives can be found at Arver. This is clear after the final of the Scania Top Team competition, which was decided last December. Arver took home second and fourth place in the competition, which initially attracted 81 teams.

“It’s fun to show our customers what competent staff we have,” says Mikael Wadsten, Arver Truck’s Service Marketing Manager. “And hopefully it’s good for our recruitment work. Like most companies in this industry, we have a major challenge with finding mechanics. Scania Top Team is a good way to show that the mechanics are no longer just about ‘dirty and heavy’ work. In fact, digital development has seriously arrived in the automotive world.”


Significantly harder

“In the final, the quesitons became much more difficult. In addition, there were both theoretical and practical parts, such as problem analysis, troubleshooting, spare parts and product issues, service packages and after-checks,” says Anders Karlsson, the competition lead at Scania Sweden.

An important and decisive factor in the final is the time limit.

“Everything is timed, and it is important to find a good methodology for work flow, even when it relates to one particular issue in the moment,” says Eva Gustavsson, Scania Sweden’s Service Marketing Director.

The winner was the “Snodda boys” team from Atteviks in Jönköping, who now prepare for regional finals in Italy – and, if they do well there, the World Final in Sodertalje at the end of 2018. At the World Final the three best teams will share a total of 100,000 euros.

Education contest

Top Team, organized by Scania, is a skills-raising training contest for employees in Scania’s workshops. In total, approximately 8,000 participants from more than 60 countries develop their professional skills through a combination of training, teamwork and competition.

The purpose of the competition is to satisfy customers’ needs for first-class service and to improve the workshop and spare parts departments.

Mikael Wadsten agrees:

Certainly, that was also the reason why we decided early to participate in the competition and give our team the best possible conditions to succeed. And it worked out well as only 1.5 points separated the two Arver teams. We will definitely be attending the next time as this was really fun.

The first competition was conducted 28 years ago. The idea of this year’s team competition is to contribute to increased prosperity where knowledge, team spirit and discipline are the key words. Eva Gustavsson sees several benefits with Top Team, which is seen as both an educational event and a contest.

“Internally, it’s a good opportunity to build engagement together. At the same time, good service is extremely important for our customers, because well-functioning trucks on the roads are strengthening their profitability,” she says.

In the final, both theoretical and practical skills were tested, including problem analysis, troubleshooting, spare parts and product issues, service packages and after-checks. In addition, everything is timed, which required teams to have a structured and methodical approach.

A big challenge

Mikael Wadsten, who sees it as a major challenge to find competent employees for the mechanics industry, states:

I think schools could do more to popularize these programs. But, of course, it also depends on good cooperation between schools and businesses. Here I do not think it’s enough for individual companies like Arver and others. Manufacturers like Scania and Volvo need to continue their efforts and play an even bigger role.

Mikael says that, like many other companies, Arver received an offer to hire mechanics from Lithuania:

“We have not yet made a decision, but it is obviously an option.”


Final result Scania Top Team

1. Snodda boys, Atteviks Jönköping 129.5 points,

2. Beijing White Blue, Arver, Norrköping 108

3. All or nothing, Scania Sweden, Hisings-Backa, 107

4. Second Gear, Arver Västerås, 106.5

5. Enirotrollen, Sven Jeppson, Karlshamn, 104.5

6. OneMoraTime, Bilmetro, Mora, 100

7. Ensler, Toveks, Skövde, 96.5

8. Zebbez, Scania Sweden, Himle, 85

9. No clue, Motor Center, Umeå, 85

10. Last generation, Berners, 84.5

11. Bullen boys, Atteviks, Nässjö 80,5


Article written by Sven-Arne Wikén and published in Mitt Åkar’n, no 1 2018